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About Me

Unveiling the Writer

My inspiration comes from growing up after World War II, surrounded by many cultures that came into this country to weave the greatness of the fiber of it. 

These immigrants helped raise me and I was blessed to learn much about their cultures and relished the foods that they fed me.

After graduating from high school, I was sent to Vietnam where I spent thirteen (13) months with the US Army.  Which was hard for me because I was in total protest against it.  So while being there, I treated the people with compassion and understanding of the situation that they were put in.

On my return to the United States, I went from East to West ended up in New Mexico where I lived in the Jemez mountains next to the Cochiti Indians who I befriended and learned much from their ways.

While living in the mountains, I connected with nature and all living things.  Which helped me heal from the thirteen (13) months spent in Vietnam.

Then I moved to Santa Fe where I worked at the high dollar hotels as a bellman while putting my experiences to poetry.  There I met many interesting people whom I got to spend time with such as; Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Jane Fonda, Peter Max and Howard Zin, with who I went on a twelve hour road trip with right after 9-11. 

  Through my stories, summons, poetry, few words that span my personal experiences.  I periodically do stand-up performances and have gotten together with a friend of mine, Burt Fonte, who periodically plays for one of the Oates Brothers of  Hall and Oates. Burt and I created a five piece EP, called “Cultivate your Mind”.  We call ourselves, “The Brain Farmers”.  I am now in the process of putting my poetry to music and visuals and hope to have it out soon.

This is a piece I did for Amy Goodman before I dropped her off at the airport in Albuquerque:

The imbalance of human kind

Bred as war

Coming out from deep within

Emerging as a boil upon the skin of the earth

Suffocating the breath of renewal

And there of those who speak of peace

But how can this be?

When we’ve disconnected from nature

for greed

Creating this synthetic insanity

And now war

Has become

A major part

Of our economy